17 Jul 2013

Music Picnic & Kitchen Party

We performed at two events on 14th Jul, 2013. It was very busy and HOT day–London is currently in a heatwave, and apparently this weather is set to last throughout July–, but we enjoyed them very much.


Music Picnic
Opening Theme of Amachan (Yoshihide Otomo)
Itumo nando demo (Yumi Kimura)
Çok Güzeller (Ryusuke Koarashi)

Kitchen Party
Shimauta (Kazufumi Miyazawa)
Opening Theme of Amachan (Yoshihide Otomo)
Uzun Ince Bir yoldayım (Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu)
Vecherai Rado (Bulgarian Folk Song)
Polegnala e Todora (Bulgarian Folk Song)
Dilmano Dilbero (Bulgarian Folk Song)
Çok Güzeller (Ryusuke Koarashi)

Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar: Ryusuke Koarashi

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