10 Nov 2013

A Concert at Christ Church Southgate

We had a concert at Christ Church, Southgate in London

Viola da Cunha (mezzo soprano)
Yuki Osedo (piano)
Jill Anderson (clarinet)
Ryusuke Koarashi (Guitar)
Ayumi Toyama (Melodica)

De Falla: 5 spanish popular songs
Musa Mirzayev: Lyrical Piece & 1st Dance from 6 Pieces (of Azerbaijan Folklore)
Granados: El Majo Discreto, Amor y Odio
Rodrigo: DE Los Alamos Vengo Madre
Folk Song: Sari Gelin
Gershwin: Summertime (together with all performers)

After the Tea Time Concert at AGE UK

Pocket Penguin(s) performed for a tea time concert at AGE UK. There were about 50 elderly people and we could play in a very warm and nice a...