12 Feb 2013

Hammond 44

We got really excited with Ayumi's new equipment—Hammond 44 by Suzuki—which is one of the most pricey and presumably the best quality melodica. We tried playing a little today. Pitch is very correct, tone is nicely soft, key noise is less than others in initial condition. It has got built-in mic and 44 keys (the previous one was 37 keys), which will give us more possibilities in arranging/composing. Can't wait for using it at next concert.!

(In duet with 37 keys melodica which we have been using)

(Melodica which Ayumi has been using, chronologically ordered from the left to right)

After the Tea Time Concert at AGE UK

Pocket Penguin(s) performed for a tea time concert at AGE UK. There were about 50 elderly people and we could play in a very warm and nice a...