27 Oct 2012

Live show in Nagoya, Japan on 18th December

Pocket Penguin is going to have a live show in December in Nagoya, Japan. Reservation is essential as the show includes dinner and 1 drink and the seats are limited. To reserve a place, please email your name and the title of the event. E-mail: info@duo.penguinistan.com

Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar: Ryusuke Koarashi

Date: 18th December (TUE)
Time: 7:30pm (Door Open: 7:00pm)
Venue: Romanian Resutaurant Sarmale
Nagoya-shi, Aoi, 1-16-28 461-0001 TEL:052-935-8877
Subway: Higashiyama Line Shinsakae Station (2 mins walk from exit 2)
Map: click here
Admission: 4000yen (includes dinner, 1 drink & music charge)

It will be the second time to play at Sarmale for Pocket Penguin. Sarmale is a friendly and cozy restaurant where serves the authentic Romanian food (very delicious, umai!). Pocket Penguin will be playing variety of music including new arrangement of Christmas songs and Azerbaijani classical pieces(going to be Japan premiere), etc.

Hope to you see you there!!!!

14 Oct 2012

Kitchen Party (Christmas Mini Concert) in December

Pocket Penguin will be organising a Christmas party in December. If you are interested in performing or setting up your booth to sell your products, please contact us:

E-mail: info@duo.penguinistan.com

Also for those who want to come to the party, please your schedule open as follows!

Date: 1st December (SAT)
Time: 6pm-9pm (door open:5.30pm)
Place: St Mary Church (Small Hall) 26 Hendon Lane, Finchley, London N3 1RT
Performers/Artists: 5pounds
Admisson: 2 pounds
Bring your own food or drink for our party!!!

*Kitchen Party is a music event started by Ayumi Toyama three years ago and now regularly held by musicians (both professional and amateur). The initial concept was for both musicians and listeners to enjoy music with having food and drink.

13 Oct 2012

Lunch time concert in Nagoya, Japan on 18th Dec

Pocket Penguin will have a lunch time concert in Nagoya in December.

Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar: Ryusuke Koarashi

Date: 18th December (TUE)
Time: 11:30am-12:30pm
Place: Munetsugu Hall
Fee: 1000 Yen
Click here for the flyer

If you would like to book a ticket, please e-mail: info@duo.penguinistan.com
We also appreciate if you could recommend your friends who live in Nagoya to come to our concert!

----- Programme ----

Bartok Bela - "Three Hungarian Folksong from Csik"
Bulgarian Folk Dance - "Kopanitsa"
Ryusuke Koarashi - "A Bird Flying over Mountains" etc.

1 Oct 2012

A mini concert on 29th September

Ayumi Toyama (melodica)
Ryusuke Koarashi (guitar)


"6 pieces on material of Azerbaijan Folklore" by Musa Mirzoev
1. Lyrical Piece
2. First Dance
3. Second Dance

"Prelude 2" & "Eskiz" by Qara Qarayev

"2 pieces on Azerbaijan Folk Themes" by Fikret Amirov

Music fragments from the film "Almas" by Niyazi Hajibeyov

Liebeslied by Fritz Kreisler

We performed our new repertoires composed by Azerbaijani composers. Liebeslied by Kreisler was a request of our friend who always comes to our concerts.

After the Concert, "Music for a while"

Date: 12th May (SUN) Time: 19:30~ Venue: East Finchley Methodist Church High Rd., London N2 8AJ (opp.Creighton Ave) Admission: Free Coll...