30 May 2013

Wandering Sound - Concert in Izmir, Turkey

Pocket Penguin's next concert will be in Izmir, Turkey.
If you live nearby, please come to see us!

Wandering Sound:
Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar: Ryusuke Koarashi 
Date: 21st June (FRI)
Time: 15.30 Start (15:15 open)
Cyprus Martyrs Caddesi No: 12 Alsancak-Izmir K.5, Turkey
Tel: Kemal Altintas 0533 266 90 46
Admission: 10TL

Click here for downloading the flyer.

27 May 2013

After Bath International Music Festival

Pocket Penguin joined in Bath International Music Festival 2013. We played at Victoria Art Gallery located in the city centre of Bath, together with Lánre, a beautiful singer song writer who is also based in London. In spite of a bad weather, many people came to see Pocket Penguin and Lánre, all of us really enjoyed the nice acoustics of the gallery and the event.


1st set
Bela Bartok: Three Hungarian Folksongs from the Csík District
Johann Sebastian Bach: Allemande from Cello Suite III
Ryusuke Koarashi: Fragments of Dreams, 13th April
Bulgarian Folk Songs:
・Vido, Vido, Byala Vido — Vida, Vida, originally arranged by Philip Koutev
・Radi na Radka Dumashe — Radi Said to Radka, originally arranged by Philip Koutev
・Bre, Petrunko — Why, Petrounka, originally arranged by Philip Koutev
Ryusuke Koarashi: Foreign Hill

2nd set
Musa Mirzoev: 6 pieces on material of Azerbaijan Folklore
1. Lyrical piece
2. First Dance
3. Second Dance
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sarabande & Bourre from Cello Suite III
Pocket Penguin: Prelude V
Bulgarian Folk Songs:
・Vecherai, Rado — Eat your supper, Rada, originally arranged by Philip Koutev.
・Polegnala e Todora — Todora Lay Down For a While, originally arranged by Philip Koutev
・Dilmano Dilbero — Dilmana, Beautiful Girl, originally arranged by Ivan Kavaldzhiev
Ryusuke Koarashi: Çok Güzeller

1 May 2013

Bath International Music Festival

Pocket Penguin is going to perform at Bath International Music Festival.

Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar: Ryusuke Koarashi

Date: 24th May (FRI)
Time: 6:00pm-6:30pm/7:00pm-7:30pm
Place: the Victoria Art Gallery
Admission: Free

Also there will be another performance by a singer, Lánre.
Please check here for her details.

Hope to see you there.

After the Concert, "Music for a while"

Date: 12th May (SUN) Time: 19:30~ Venue: East Finchley Methodist Church High Rd., London N2 8AJ (opp.Creighton Ave) Admission: Free Coll...