11 Sep 2013

Evening concert at East Finchley Methodist Church

Pocket Penguin joined in a concert organized by a singer, Viola da Cunha at East Finchley Methodist Church.

Viola da Cunha (mezzo soprano)
Yuki Osedo (piano)
Jill Anderson (clarinet)
Ryusuke Koarashi (guitar)
Ayui Toyama (melodica)

We played some spanish repertoires with the singer. After the performance, some people told us that it was interesting to hear, as those songs are normally accompanied by just piano (or sometimes guitar), and they have never heard the combination of three parts including melodica.

Manuel De Falla: 5 Spanish Popular Songs (with singer)
Musa Mirzayev: Lyrical Piece & 1st Dance from 6 pieces
Enrique Granados: El Majo Discreto (with singer)
Enrique Granados: Amor y Odio (with singer)
Joaquin Rodrigo: De los Alamos vengo Madre (with singer)
Aşık Veysel: Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım
George Gershwin: Summertime (played by all together)

After the Tea Time Concert at AGE UK

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