17 Feb 2019

After the Tea Time Concert at AGE UK

Pocket Penguin(s) performed for a tea time concert at AGE UK. There were about 50 elderly people and we could play in a very warm and nice atmosphere. We especially enjoyed their participation with singing for Hymn from Jupiter. Thank you very much and we hope to come back again.

Date: 14th Feb, 2019 (Thu)
Venue: AGE UK

Ayumi Toyama (Piano/Melodica)
Ryusuke Koarashi (Guitar/Melodica)
Junko Ishigaki (Violin)


Part I
1. Sonatine Op. 70 - A. Diabelli (P, G & V)
2. A Bird Flying Over Mountains - R Koarashi (G & V)
3. Romanian Folk Dances - B. Bartok (G & V)
  i. Stick Dance
  ii. Sash Dance
  iii. In One Spot
  iv. Dance from Buscum
  v. Romanian Polka
  vi. Fast Dace
4. Four Short Pieces for Violin and Piano - F. Bridge (V & P)
  i. Meditation
  ii. Spring Song
  iii. Lullaby
  iv. Country Dance

Part II
1. La Cumparsita - G.M.Rodriguez (M, G & V)
2. Hymn from Jupiter - G. Holst (M, M & V)
3. Pachelbel Canon - J. Pachelbel (M, G & V)
4. Libertango - A. Piazzolla (M, G & V)

M=Melodica, G=Guitar, V=Violin, P=Piano

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