18 Jan 2015

WE ARE! by Melodica Trio

We mentioned in an article before, we are running a melodica ensemble in London. One year has just passed since we started. The piece uploaded this time, ‘We Are’ is one of the ensemble’s repertoires, an opening song from a Japanese animation ‘One Piece’ (by the way, we are not playing only animation songs, in case you think so). One of the members suggested to include the piece in the repertoire and Ryusuke rearranged for three parts. For melodica that has only a limited register and strong harmonics—often crush in harmony, three may be an appropriate number of parts, that gets a richness in sound and can still keep a clarity in texture.

We Are!
Lyrics: Syoko Fujibayashi
Composed by kouhei Tanaka
Arranged by Ryusuke Koarashi
Yumiko Shiratori
Satomi Hori
Ryusuke Koarashi

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