29 Oct 2013

Oshin’s theme, with Melodica & Guitar

Our performance of “Oshin’s theme” has been available on youtube. “Oshin” was a very popular Japanese TV drama broadcasted in 1980s. And it eventually became the most watched Japanese drama inside and outside the country, especially in Asia (They have not broadcasted in UK or most of European countries). Composed by Koichi Sakata.

Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar & Arrangement: Ryusuke Koarashi
The arrangement score is available to purchase from here. But as the website does not have a good translation for non-Japanese customer, please feel free to ask us if you find difficulty with the procedure to buy the score.

Instruction for performace:
Bar 18: Guitar takes the main melody and Melodica goes to background so should play softly.
Bar 20: Melodica gradually gets louder to the bar 21.
Bar 21: Notice that the melody on the guitar is passed to Melodica on the first beat.
Bar 24: The chord of Dm which the F# on the Em key is altered sounds impressive, and that forms the Plagal cadence with Am in the next bar. It might be nice to play softly.
Bar 27: The melody line gradually gets louder (crescendo) towards the bar 30. Melodica normally has more volume when plays single note than a chord, so be careful not to make it too loud at the bar 27.

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