16 Jan 2013

Spain by Chick Corea, on Melodica & Guitar

Pocket Penguin played "Spain" by Chick Corea, which is one of the most frequently played repertoire from the modern jazz standard. The pictures in this video were provided by an Argentinian artist, Lili Mariel Sciarrotta. She is currently based in the U.S. and being active as not only painter, but also as poet, singer, and Spanish teacher.


Here is additional information about the painter: Mariel describes her painting style as a combination of expressionism, modernism, and abstract. She believes art is the true expression of the soul, the feelings and emotions that connects all beings. If you want to see more of her art, visit her site at: lmsciarrotta.blogspot.com/, or like her Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/lmsciarrotta (updated on 20th Jan 2013)

 Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar: Ryusuke Koarashi

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