13 Oct 2012

Lunch time concert in Nagoya, Japan on 18th Dec

Pocket Penguin will have a lunch time concert in Nagoya in December.

Melodica: Ayumi Toyama
Guitar: Ryusuke Koarashi

Date: 18th December (TUE)
Time: 11:30am-12:30pm
Place: Munetsugu Hall
Fee: 1000 Yen
Click here for the flyer

If you would like to book a ticket, please e-mail: info@duo.penguinistan.com
We also appreciate if you could recommend your friends who live in Nagoya to come to our concert!

----- Programme ----

Bartok Bela - "Three Hungarian Folksong from Csik"
Bulgarian Folk Dance - "Kopanitsa"
Ryusuke Koarashi - "A Bird Flying over Mountains" etc.

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